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I've always wished that maybe one of the local cinema's would run

a weekend of Classic Universal Monster films, just to watch these great

films the way they were meant to be seen. How lucky can we be here

in Wales to have the opportunity to watch these films at a castle perched upon a wooded hillside

in the dead of winter....  pinch me please just in case I'm dreaming! 

Castell Coch  (Red Castle)

Saturday February 1st 2014


presented with a live musical score by
Steepways Sound Collective

A stormy damp night, the wind whistling through the trees and howling around the castles courtyard, 
we are set for a truly wonderful evening of classic horror.
Not only are we watching Nosferatu on the big screen but we are also
treated to a new musical live score to accompany the film

Every ticket was sold for this screening.
We have all seen Nosferatu on tv/video or dvd but nothing prepares for just how
fantastic this film looks on the big screen, the stormy night and the castles
looming turrets & long shadows just add to the atmosphere.
The musical score to accompany the film was just superb especially the ships
voyage in the film which was very creepy.
My wife and I just loved every moment, even if we did have a bit of a downpour
in the middle of the film, but it just all added an extra dimension and enhanced a true
 masterpiece of cinema history.

I have lived in Cardiff all my life and Castell Coch and the woods that surround it has

always been a very spooky place at night with plenty of ghost hunts among the

eerie woods ~ no better place to screen Classic Horror films like Nosferatu

For any monster fan this is the stuff of dreams

but if that's not enough we returned to the castle again

Sunday February 2nd 2014


starring Boris Karloff who incidently passed away Feb 2nd 1969

which was quite a fitting tribute to sit and marvel at his greatness in a castle

in one of his most famous roles.

A much calmer but colder night and we were set for another monster classic.

Again to watch a classic up on the big screen is just pure bliss,

even the castles bats were in attendance swooping back and forth in front

of the screen adding to the atmosphere and everyones enjoyment.

I would never have imagined that back in the 70's

that one day I will be sitting in a castle

watching Classic horror films in 2014.

A massive thank you goes out to everyone involved in bringing these events

 to the castle and all the historic monuments that created the perfect backdrops

 to screen films in Wales.

From the lighting crew @ South Wales University

  to the warm and friendly welcome 

a magnificent weekend and you've made us monster fans very happy indeed.

You have made us yearn for more and more of these special screenings, so don't stop.

Just a shame we did not know about Hammer's Dracula @ Cardiff Castle

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