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Well i was browsing through the site when i suddenly realised that i had not dedicated

a room for one of my favourite past times as a monster mad kid

So here it is in all it's glory,so let's take a look at some of the mags we collected


Without doubt the most famous monster magazine and soon to be stopped altogether

Not only were these magazines filled with our favourite monsters but we also had Basil Gogo's artwork

 I'm currently getting intouch with a few model painters who have replicated Gogo's style in there models

and will update this page as i get photo's in (believe me you will be amazed at the incredible ups)

Another of my favourite magazines although the run was rather short but very much

in the style of FAMOUS MONSTERS and maybe this was it's downfall

(i sold my set a few month's back and i'm already regretting it)


Maybe the shortest run of any monster magazine with a total of four issue's but again for us

monsters fans it was an essential purchase

Ok we have looked at a few of the U.S magazines but lets now look at the U.K. market 

The U.K. market was also very succesful during the 70's

and produced a few really excellent magazines


Probably the most succesful of all British mags mainly covering everything Hammer but also had a comic strip within the pages

with adaptations from the Hammer films

A wonderfully written mag that had top talent all making there mark such as Denis Gifford and Alan Frank

In 1978 the mag was launched in the U.S under the name House Of Horror and then changed again

to Halls Of Horror

Another great mag i collected in the 70's was



I collected the complete set but it was not along run and finished with only 9 issues produced

It covered just about everything from Universal to Hammer and even the latest films during it's nine month run.


Of course i have to just add one of my favourite mags of the 70's

Ok this mag is already featured in the house but i can't have a room dedicated to magazines

without this.

A superb full colour mag that opened out into a full poster and my bedroom walls were covered in them

apart from the above no.2 mag which was banned.

If your a Monster fan then get over to ebay and try and collect these

I hope you enjoyed this room and if your eager to find out more about these and other

incredible magazines then i've added a link that's dedicated to all things monstorous




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