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Director - Terence Fisher, Screenplay - Peter Bryan, Edward Percy & Jimmy Sangster, Producer - Anthony Hinds, Photography - Jack Asher, Music - Malcolm Williamson, Special Effects - Les Bowie & Syd Pearson, Makeup - Roy Ashton, Art Direction - Thomas Goswell & Bernard Robinson. Production Company - Hammer/Hotspur. 1960.

Cast: Peter Cushing (Professor Van Helsing), Yvonne Monlaur (Marianne Danielle), David Peel (Baron Meinster), Martita Hunt (Baroness Meinster), Freda Jackson (Greta), Andree Melly (Gina), Mona Washbourne (Frau Lang), Miles Malleson (Dr Tobler)

      Marianne, a beautiful young French girl, traveling from Paris to Eastern Europe for a teaching post, is stranded at an inn when the stagecoach suddenly leaves without her.
      She meets an old lady, Baroness Meinster, and is persuaded to stay the night in the strange woman's bleak, dilapidated chateau. Marianne is mystified to find her luggage from the disappearing stage-coach placed in her room.
      The maid, Greta, whom the Baroness claims is the only other person in the huge house, is strangely reluctant to explain the presence in the house of a very handsome young man. Questioning the Baroness, the girl is told he's her son, and the Baron is "sick and feebleminded.".
      That evening, when Marianne discovers he's a prisoner, locked up with a long ankle chain fastened to the floor of his room, she feels sorry for him, steals a key to the lock and frees the Baron.
      Later, horrified to learn the Baroness has been murdered, Marianne is told by Greta that the Baron is evil and setting him free has caused the old lady's death and released a deadly menace.
      Panic-stricken, Marianne flees the chateau. Later, she is found and revived by Dr. Van Helsing, a scientist and vampire exterminator who is investigating the superantural activities of the "undead' in that locale. Van Helsing releases Baroness Meinster from vampirism by driving a wooden stake through her heart.
      Baron Meinster visits the girl's school where Marianne takes residence and succeeds in turning one of the female teachers into a vampire. Meinster then plots to make Marianne one of his "brides."
      The cunning Baron eludes the doctor until he is trapped in an old windmill. They have a terrific fight, and Van Helsing is bitten by his heinous foe.
      The scientist succeeds in burning the vampire's curse from his flesh, and wrests Marianne from the vampire's clutches after throwing holy water upon the Baron's face, scarring it like acid. A fire breaks out. Seeing that the Baron has blocked the entrance of the windmill, Van Helsing, with Marianne trailing behind him, makes his way to the top of the windmill. Seeing the Baron below, the doctor jumps onto the windmill sails and manipulates them so that the moon casts a shadow in the form of a gigantic cross over the vampire horror that will haunt and kill no more.




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